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Tips on Proper Maintenance of Your Home Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are a standard fixture in the home. However, not many people think about them or their maintenance until they need one. It would be regrettable if a situation arose when you needed to use your fire extinguisher, but you found it in poor working condition and lost your property as a result. Here are a few of the tips which you can follow to make sure that your fire extinguisher is working correctly at all times.

Checking the pressure of the extinguisher

If you have a fire extinguisher model which has a pressure gauge, you should make sure that the needle on the gauge is reading the right pressure. Most fire extinguishers also have test indicators. You should press on these indicators to make sure that the readings are within the normal range.

Ensuring that the extinguisher is accessible

It is essential always to ensure that your fire extinguisher can be easily accessed in case of a fire or other emergency. When mounting the extinguisher, do it in a way that will not create problems if you need to remove it in a hurry. Always ensure that it is properly labelled and everyone in the home knows where the extinguishers are located in the building.

Making sure the seals are intact

Another maintenance guideline that you should follow when dealing with fire extinguishers is always to inspect the seals. If one of the seals is broken, the foam, pressurised water or gas may start leaking, which will lead to you being caught flatfooted when the need to use the extinguisher arises. To protect yourself from such an eventuality, always ensure that all the seals are working.

Labelling the extinguishers correctly

There are five types of extinguishers used in the home and commercially. Class A deals with ordinary items while B deals with flammable liquids, C deals with appliances, D with metals and K with cooking oils. You should ask the company you are buying extinguishers from about the class they are selling to you and always ensure that each extinguisher is used for the right purpose.

These are a few maintenance tips which are easy to follow, and that can save your home from possible damage in case a fire occurrs. Experts always recommend that you have your extinguishers checked at least once a month to ensure that they are in the right working condition. By consulting competent people for the installation, maintenance and repair of your fire extinguishers, you can be assured of excellent service.