Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Common Solar Water Heater Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Solar water heating systems are some of the most environmental friendly energy solutions for your home. They are popular because after the installation cost, very little else is needed for the maintenance and repair. When installed, they will ease the burden of huge energy bills in the home, and they will also serve you for a long time without need for replacement. However, even the best-maintained systems fail from time to time, which is why it is important to always emphasize troubleshooting common solar heater system problems and the possible solutions.

Dusty solar panels

The amount of solar energy converted into electric energy to heat the water depends on how effectively the solar panels receive the rays of the sun. When the surface of the solar panels is dirty, very little sunlight will be converted. Luckily cleaning a solar panel is not a complicated task, and all you need, especially during the dusty season, is to keep hosing down the surface of the panel with a garden hose. If with time, stubborn dirt and grime accumulates on the surface of the panel, it will be advisable to use a squeegee to clean the glass surface.

Problems with too much shade on the collector

The performance of solar water heaters depends on the amount of solar energy collected during the day. It is normally recommended that the panels should be installed on the side of the roof which receives the least amount of shade during the day. You should inspect the panels in the morning, at noon and in the evening to determine the amount of shading that the panel gets. Actions such as trimming and pruning trees will bring in more sunshine for the panels.

Poor insulation of the piping and ducts

The energy efficiency of the heater depends on how effectively the energy is transmitted from the panel to the point when the heating occurs. It is therefore wise to keep checking the state of the piping and the ductwork. This will help you make any repairs to deteriorating ductwork. Also check flashing and other roof penetration and ensure it is in perfect condition at all times.

These are a few maintenance tips which can help you keep your solar heating systems in perfect condition at all times. The best guidance and advice on repairs and maintenance of the solar water comes from qualified technicians in renewable energy systems.